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Toronto Plasma Cutting ServiceEven though plasma-arc cutting method was discovered over 50 years ago, it was continuously refined over the following decades. Through testing and research it was discovered that by restricting the size of the nozzle through which the inert gas was being passed, the heat produced by the plasma was proportionately increased.
Currently, reaching approximately 30,000 Fahrenheit (16,649 Celsius) temperature, plasma reduces metal into molten slag, making easy work of large quantities of thick metal. The incredible power and effectiveness of this method makes it an economical choice in the various manufacturing industries.
Plasma cutting is best suited for cutting sheet metal of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and works by creating an arc between an electrode in the torch head (nozzle) and the metal being cut. Compressed gas, or air forced through the nozzle becomes charged with the electric current and enters the 4th state of matter – plasma. Additional gas is fed around the perimeter of the cutting area to shield the cut in order to create a clean and precise edge.
Advanced Profiles Limited has been providing plasma cutting services in Toronto, Ontario and sharing their quality excellence with their customers for years, their goal to be the best in the business and meeting your demand in the category of plasma marking, cutting or beveling.
Plasma Cutting Services Rendered
Type of Material Processed: • Mild Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Aluminum
Footprint Size: • Over 1000 square feet
Positional Accuracy: • .015 inches
• Sharp top and bottom edges
• 2 degrees or less of cut edge angle
• Virtually no dross
Table Space: • 18 x 60 feet
Beveling: • Combination Bevels on material up to 1 ¼ inches
• Performing multiple pass bevels for "Y” class beveling.
As one of the most powerful and interesting tools developed in the 20th century, plasma cutting is here to stay, support and meet the demands of the ever evolving manufacturing industry.
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